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Copies of my card from CARDED! 2012 recently arrived in the mail. They feature a downscaled image from this Excerpts entry on the front, and an abridged version of its text on the back. I have some extras. If you’d like one, contact me and I’ll mail you a card.

Photos from the show are now online. I didn’t anticipate being able to attend the event, but I managed to make it down for the last hour or so. It was a really fun evening with a great turnout, and there was some excellent art and illustration for trade and on display.

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CARDED! The Art of 50 artists reproduced on trading cards: April 21, 2012

An image-text pairing from Excerpts will be available in trading card form at this year’s CARDED! An annual event since 2009, CARDED! Trading Card Art Show features the work of fifty artists reproduced on 2.5 x 3.5 in. cards, which are sold in $5, randomised five-packs the evening of the exhibition. For one night only trade cards while mingling and enjoying refreshments. Each card will also be displayed framed on the gallery walls.

The 2012 CARDED! is this Saturday, April 21 from 8-11pm at Gallery Gachet, which is located at 88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1K3.

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A Pigeon, A Kitchen and an Annexe: Sites of Alternative Publishing

An image-text pairing from my Excerpts series appears as a part of VerySmallKitchen’s contribution to the exhibition A Pigeon, A Kitchen and an Annexe: Sites of Alternative Publishing at Five Years in London, UK.

The nostalgic gesture of intentionally translating an up to date medium into its low-fi predecessor is the starting point for this exhibition: why use letraset when you can pick up any font off a drop down menu? Why publish books in the age of WordPress? A Pigeon, A Kitchen and an Annexe: Sites of Alternative Publishing invites you to step into the world of a bustling “press room” devoid of wi-fi: a scene created specifically for this show.

For this exhibition The Ladies of the Press* invites Annexe Magazine, Pigeon Magazine, and VerySmallKitchen to probe their practice as alternative publishers in a gallery context, collectively working towards multifarious outlets including a gallery exhibition, a publication, talk, and eventually a web based dispersal.

Photo by David Berridge.

David Berridge of VerySmallKitchen writes, in an open letter, on the inclusion of my piece from Excerpts:

I think one starting point for this project was the small card you sent me of one of the image-text pieces from your residency on the VerySmallKitchen blog. I was interested in the equal emphasis on both sides of this card (the image on one side/text the other), and how – unlike the blog post’s downward scroll – to read the card required turning over, one side concealing the other in order to be comprehended.

A Pigeon, A Kitchen and an Annexe: Sites of Alternative Publishing is on view till March 4, 2012 at Five Years. The gallery is open Saturday-Sunday, 1-6pm and is located at Unit 66, 6th Floor, Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London, UK, E8 4QN.

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PICTURING INTUITIONHere’s the list of artists participating in this group show that I’m in, which opens Tuesday April 19th, 5-8pm:

Ali Ahadi
A.S. Dhillon
Christine Corlett
Christine D’Onofrio
Erik Rzepka
Erika Petro and C. Golding
Elfred Matining
Ignacio Corral
John Anderson
Jordy Hamilton
Julie Flett
Kevin Bright
Kevin Day
Lisa Prentice
Manuel Pina
Matthew Shields
Nelly César Marín
Patrick Cruz
Paul Antony Carr
Sean Orr
Shawn Chappelle

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The Cheaper Show No. 10 – Artist Announcement

Yesterday the 200 artists for The Cheaper Show No. 10 were announced in this video (I’m in there), and here is the full list as well.

The Cheaper Show is in the running for a $100K grant from Pepsi to go towards producing a second edition of the show to help more emerging artists gain exposure. They need votes before April 30.

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PICTURING INTUITIONI have work in this group show. A catalogue will accompany the exhibition. There’s a Facebook event page, and further details can be found below:

April 18th-30th.
Opening Reception: Tuesday April 19th, 5-8pm.
Gallery Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am-4pm.
UBC SUB Gallery, 6138 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z7 (Map).

“Picturing Intuition” is an exhibition that highlights the connections between intuition and the element of time in the process of making, exhibiting and experiencing art. This applies to the individual pieces in the exhibition, to how the artworks engage with each other and interact with the space of the gallery and, more importantly, to how they connect with the viewers’ own intuition through their sense of time.

Art works are images, objects, assemblages and events that take up a specific space, but they also possess invisible and unbound temporal qualities. The act of encountering art in a gallery associates the viewers’ present and conscious time to the temporality embedded in the works of art and that of the space of the exhibition. It provides the connection through which the visuality of the work in relation to the space it occupies can then be experienced. Without the establishment of this connection, no image or impression can find a place or meaning in the viewers’ consciousness.

The relationship between intuition and temporality is not void of politics. Often the establishment of social intersubjectivity is impossible unless it is guaranteed, beyond logic and language, through the process of indirect swaying and influencing of subject’s intuition through the sense of time.

“Picturing Intuition” is curated by Mo Salemy.

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