2010. Ink on paper. 9 x 6 in.“The mine cart careens down the derelict shaft, and has been doing so for at least ten minutes. But without warning the tunnel now opens up into an immense chamber. There are torches trimming the walls and pillars. He has no time to ponder who could be keeping them alight, as all of a sudden a second set of rails curves over to him and proceeds to run alongside his track. Beside him now is another cart matching his speed. She is in it. He is so startled to see her that he hesitates to call out her name. She flickers in and out of sight several times as stone columns zip past between them, all the while their respective rails deftly sway from and to each other in order to narrowly avoid the obstructions. Only a few mere seconds have passed since she appeared, and she has not yet looked in his direction. He opens his mouth to call her, but just as her name passes his lips it is abruptly deflected by a craggy wall. He is alone and in a mine shaft again, torchlight fading behind him and nothing but darkness ahead.”

2010. Ink on paper. 9 x 6 in.

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