2010. Ink on paper. 9 x 6 in.“The corridor is long and narrow, and gently inclines further down toward the depths of this extensive cavern. Despite the odd stalagmite and/or stalactite passing him by from time to time in the other direction, the passage is fairly monotonous. Like most places down here, colour seems to have been drained from the surrounds. What’s left behind is a ubiquitous dark and faded grey-brown. Even the deepest shadows are disappointingly dull. This is a boring passageway, and it seems to go on forever. There are no forks nor intersections, so he has no choice but to carry on in a straight line. Actually, he feels this is the perfect setting for self-reflection. But he finds it difficult to be truly introspective when she is on his mind.”

2010. Ink on paper. 9 x 6 in.

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