Tadeusz & Gregory’s geometrically induced predicament draws to a close.

“Tadeusz is sprawled across the length of the office couch. It is midafternoon, and a clear day. He is staring out the window, which faces north. It is bright and blue outside, but no direct sunlight penetrates the pane. Despite the time of day, with the lights switched off, the room remains quite dark. Tadeusz closes his eyes. A sharp, impossibly coloured image of window-framed sky lingers briefly upon the dull interior of his eyelids. It is not long before the afterimage has been reduced to a spatter of multicoloured flecks. It comes to him then. Tadeusz jerks up into a seated position on the couch. He looks down toward the floor at Gregory’s rigid body with diagram floating above it. Finally, Tadeusz will be able to end this.”  

2011. Ink on paper. 8.5 x 8 in.

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