On Dicework I, 2008/05/12: The Role of Lawmaking in the Subversion of Chance

There are currently two types of rulesets: primary rulesets and meta-rulesets. Primary rulesets list instructions for the creation of a dicework. Normally only one ruleset will contribute to a specific dicework. Meta-rulesets introduce additional rules that adjust, modify, and/or negate one or more of the dictates present within a primary ruleset. Meta-rulesets undermine the authority of the dice in that the numerical result of a roll might demand a certain command listed in a primary ruleset to be carried out; however, a decree from a meta-ruleset will alter or nullify that command so that it cannot be executed. Certain exceptions appear in meta-rulesets that defer the meta-ruleset to various clauses present in primary rulesets. Occasionally primary rulesets may be written in such a way as to exert influence upon meta-rulesets. But if meta-rulesets are an attempt to sabotage the accidental will of the dice, they remain nothing more than a list of potential options. Ultimately the dice decide how the meta-rulesets will exert their influence. A balance of power is maintained between the deliberate and the accident. I am unable to act without the say-so of the dice, while the dice are unable to enforce without my contribution of actionable options.

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