Dicework I: Rhinehart Ruleset 25 May 2008 (C). 2008.Dicework I: Rhinehart Ruleset 25 May 2008 (C). 2008.

Roll a single die and carry out the instruction from the list below that numerically corresponds to the result of the roll. This ruleset is exempt from any restrictions imposed upon it by the Meta-Ruleset.

A roll of:

-1: Use one of the Dichotomous Rulesets in the execution of a dicework.
-2: Draft an Image and Text Ruleset and use it in the execution of a dicework.
-3: Write the numbers one through ten in alphabetical order.
-4: Make a diagrammatic explanation of the perceived forces exerted upon the body during the hypnagogic hallucinations experienced while attempting to induce a lucid dream.
-5: Make a painting based upon a photograph stored in my mobile phone. Let the die decide which one.
-6: Make a painting of a pile of leaves.

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