Dicework I: Meta-Ruleset 30 April 2008. 2008.Dicework I: Meta-Ruleset 30 April 2008. 2008.

Roll as many dice needed so that each potential unique numerical result corresponds to one numerical entry in a list of all the colours of paint in possession of the artist, where each tube of paint of a specific colour is assigned a unique number. The colour of paint selected by the dice will be used exclusively throughout the day in the execution of diceworks based upon rulesets that instruct on the use of paint. If the numerical result of a dice roll exceeds the number of tubes of paints listed, roll the dice again. Repeat if necessary until an outcome numerically corresponds to a listed tube of paint.

Colours  of paint with the same name but produced by different manufacturers will be considered distinct from each other, and will each be assigned a separate number.

If a colour of paint is exhausted, it is removed from the list and numbers are reassigned to reflect the reduction of selection until the paint is replaced.

The above does not apply to any ruleset that contains a clause, or clauses, that determine the colour of paint to use, leave selection of colour of paint to the artist’s discretion, etc.

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