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“[ . . . ] enclosed by a neatly folded golden foil wrapper (similar to that which might contain a segmented chocolate bar). What one finds inside the packaging resemble rows of shower tiles – small white chiclets flecked with green seafoam and bound together in a grid by some sort of greyish mortar. Break a square off at the mortar seam, and you can safely carry it with you. But, snap a tile in half, and it will release sedative fumes.”

2012. Ink on paper. 8.25 x 6.5 in.

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2011. Ink on paper. 9.5 x 7 in.“Karl strolls with hands in pockets along the dusty pebble path between the train tracks and the brush. It is a bright and clear afternoon. Though spring has not yet arrived, it is warm. Karl feels a little overdressed and stuffy in his three-piece suit under an overcoat. Up ahead he sees a curious sight. There is a young boy seated on a small plastic stool with a toy fishing rod cast into a lingering puddle of murky water. Behind the boy stands an elderly caretaker, perhaps his grandmother, patiently entertaining the child’s folly – as if any obtainable prize would be swimming in such a remote, shallow, and impermanent body of water. What is most remarkable about this vignette is that both the boy and grandmother remain completely motionless with eyes closed, even as Karl invasively regards them from mere inches away. Of course the ‘incident’ is still occurring only half a city block from here. The child and senior are fully aware of what will certainly happen to their memories at the hands of Karl’s colleagues if eavesdropping were to be suspected, and so the pair have opted to remain resolutely oblivious.”

2011. Watercolour and gouache on paper. 9.5 x 7 in.

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